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    “I Am The Evidence” – Share your story with WATE

    WATE’s ability to compel action on the epidemic of electrosensitivity depends on our capacity to prove it. The evidence is the people who have become sick by wireless technology.

    Help us to help you fight for your rights. If you have become harmed by wireless technology radiation, share your story with WATE. YOU ARE THE EVIDENCE that wireless technology is harmful.

    We need the testimonials of adults and children who have already become sick to give legitimacy to our claims. This record will be used to present the problem to the US Congress and get a hearing for the injured. It will also be used in Canada by a legal human rights organization committed to take action if one thousand testimonials of electrosensitive Canadians are provided.

    Personal stories are the most important advocacy tool to awaken society to the hidden tragedies. Your story will help us confront society with the suffering this technology is creating, the lives it is destroying, and the basic human rights it is violating. WATE provides several options as to how and where your story will be shared for those with privacy concerns. Click the button below to share your story.

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WATE intends to expose the suppressed epidemic of sickness, suffering and human rights crisis created by wireless technology radiation; elevate the voice of those injured; defend and secure their rights and compel society and governments to take corrective actions and inform the public of the harm. We work through education, lobbying and legal action.



WATE faces immense challenges. We work to protect a population that cannot function in a wireless world and can do little to advocate for their own rights or financially support our efforts while those on the other side are powerful industries and interests that continue to keep the public misinformed. We need your help. There are many ways you can help us create change. Help us help you and others. Get involved.



Financial support is essential for WATE’s ability to create change, especially since we represent many people who cannot work and those who wish to silence them are megacorporations and their moneyed allies. If you cannot offer WATE financial support, then maybe you can donate your services instead. Help us help you and others: please donate.


Richard Kimberley, an IT business owner had to give up his business and live in a van because of ES. He blogs about what he is going through at Beyond the Van. Press here for the Story

Prof. James McCaughan, a physics professor who developed ES and now works from a radiation-shielded room in his house. Press here for the Story

Phil Inkley, a sound technician forced to live in a caravan because of his ES. Press here for the Story

Barbara Domberger, a judge who was forced to retire in her 40s because of ES. She had to leave her home and has been living in the woods. Press here for the Story

Per Segerback, Ericcson cell phone engineer who had to leave his job and live in the woods after he developed ES from the wireless radiation at his work. Press here for the Story

Melissa Chalmers, a commercial pilot who had to retire from her job and leave her home. She has become a refugee who is looking for a place to live. Meanwhile, she spends nights in a tent in isolated areas. Press ...

Dr David McDonald, CSIRO (wireless company) scientist who was awarded compensation for his ES (mainly intolerance to Wi-Fi). Press here for the Story

Eva Tavares, performer. Being in the beginning of her career dealing with ES is a struggle. Her symptoms are severe, including headaches and heart palpitations, and they affect her daily. profession: performer/singer...