Although the public has been assured that wireless technology is safe and that there is no evidence that wireless technology is harmful, the truth is different. The harm of wireless technology radiation is not potential but existing at an epidemic scale.

There are many thousands of peer-reviewed scientific research papers proving that the radiation emitted by wireless technology is harmful to almost every system and organ in the body – including DNA – even at levels millions of times less than the current “safety” standards.

However, the most compelling evidence of harm is the rapidly growing numbers of adults and children who are developing severe adverse health effects from this technology. We now have human evidence that confirms what science has been warning us about for decades: the adults and children who have been injured are the undeniable proof that wireless technology is harmful.

The rapid increase in conditions such as electromagnetic sensitivity, brain and breast tumors, fertility problems, autism, ADHD and many other conditions that have been correlated to exposure to wireless radiation leave no doubt regarding the harmfulness of this technology. But the public is being misinformed.

WATE is committed to providing the truth to the public about the dangers of the radiation emitted by wireless technology, and to protecting the rights of those who already suffering from the ill effects caused by it.


Despite the epidemic scale of sickness and ample scientific evidence, the rights of those adults and children who have been injured by wireless technology radiation, especially those who have developed electrosensitivity, are being violated. The many who have been affected by this pervasive technology (cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, etc.) find that living in an urban or suburban area is intolerable and their lives are becoming a living hell.

Many find themselves homeless, often living in the woods. Due to the wireless nature of most workplaces, the injured are unable to work and have no way to support themselves financially. They cannot access medical care and when they do, they encounter ignorance and denial. They can’t even access the courts to enforce their rights. Children are becoming sick from the installation of Wi-Fi in the schools, they are being disregarded, mocked and are forced to leave school and into social isolation. Many contemplate committing suicide and some do.

WATE’s mission is to eradicate the wireless lie; to expose the epidemic of sickness and suffering, along with the violation of human rights created by wireless technology radiation; to elevate the voice of those who already suffering from the ill effects caused by it, and to defend and secure their rights. WATE is working to compel corrective actions to protect the injured and to inform and warn the public of the harm. To achieve these goals, WATE works through education, community empowerment, lobbying and legal action.

WATE’s Vision of Change

The convenience and prevalence of wireless technologies have created a complicated situation. Our workplaces, homes, schools and social lives are teeming with them and we appear to have become dependent upon them. Admitting that this technology is harmful is inconvenient, painful and may be economically devastating. Therefore, governments, industry and society prefer to ignore the facts. Sadly, at this point, it seems easier to ignore the evidence than to deal with the truth.

But we know that ignoring a problem doesn’t change it, it merely increases its scale. But the problem is already at an epidemic scale and we cannot afford to continue ignoring it.

A key to the solution is that the public be informed of the truth. Once the public is informed and understands the risks and harms associated with these technologies, they will make smarter decisions and demand that much of this technology be removed. People will choose to remove the Wi-Fi from their homes and install wired networks, will get corded home phones and forward their calls from their cell phone to their home phone, etc. It is our hope and expectation that in response to the public’s demand for safe technology, technology companies will invest money and human resources to develop safer alternative technologies.

The following steps must be taken:

  • The public must be informed and warned about the harm so it can make informed decisions;
  • The uncontrolled deployment of this technology must be halted;
  • Wireless technologies must be removed from places where the most vulnerable people are – hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc.;
  • Wi-Fi must be removed from public buildings and courts; and there should be no citywide networks;
  • Cell towers and antennas must be removed from the vicinities of schools, hospitals, nursing homes and residential neighborhoods;
  • Wireless “smart” meters should not be installed and should be removed from homes of people who do not want them. We can still have “smart” meters but we can transfer the information on phone lines or fiber optics, rather than wirelessly.