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//Ask the Lawyers – How to Stop 5G – 5G Free California Webinar
May 11, 2020

Ask the Lawyers – How to Stop 5G – 5G Free California Webinar

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 5G Free California hosted a national webinar “Ask the Lawyers” which featured four attorneys who have been working on the 5G/wireless issue including: Scott McCollough, who together with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is representing the Children’s Health Defense, Dr. David Carpenter and other petitioners in their case against the FCC; he is also the attorney for the Irregulators; Andrew Campanelli, an attorney with telecom background who has been working for years to stopping cell towers installations; Mark Pollock, from Pollock and James, a veteran environmental law attorney and a former environmental prosecutor and Ariel Strauss from Green Fire Law, a municipal and environmental attorney who has been working with communities in CA to negotiate better ordinances. 

The webinar enabled advocates from around the country to get professional answers to their questions regarding legal strategies to stop 5G and related infrastructure in communities and nationally.  


The webinar was very successful and Julie Levine, the Executive Director of 5G Free CA, has received many dozens of grateful emails. 5G Free California realizes that there was a lot of technical legal information that most people couldn’t completely comprehend and remember and requests were also received from those who could not attend. For these reasons, 5G Free California is generously providing video and the Transcript of the 90 minutes Q&A, as well as an Executive Summary. Advocates will find the information to be very informative and helpful to their efforts.  

Watch the Ask The Lawyers Q&A Session 

Read the Executive Summary

Read the Full Transcript

A message from 5G Free California: “While it is our intention to continue to provide this and future webinar transcripts as a service to all of you collaborating in the fight to halt the 5G roll out, we do so at a significant expense to our group, and would welcome any donation you can provide to allow us to continue to host these Webinars and further assist you in your efforts. Should you be able to and choose to make a donation, you can do so here: https://5gfreecalifornia.org/donate/.” 

What people wrote us about the webinar:


“This call was fantastic and for those of us who have been fighting this for awhile now, these are the biggest hitters out there on the legal side. That said, to have the privilege to hear all of them on this call answering questions – I cannot express enough my gratitude for the experience!” 

“Great Job Julie extremely helpful.”

“Great program last night, the first one I succeeded in watching, and I look forward to getting the replay information so I can forward it around myself. “

“I wanted to thank you for organizing that call last night. It was incredibly informative.”

“Great panel last night and you were a terrific moderator.”

“It was filled with actionable steps that we can take advantage of right away.  I look forward to getting the video version so I can share with our village officials.”

“I am wiser, stronger and better equipped as I continue my fight in Ohio – thank you for that!”

“It was a truly wonderful meeting.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have the transcript.  It gives hope, besides solid tools.”

“Thank you for hosting it! I’m amazed by all the people giving so freely of their time & treasures. 
Appreciate you and all the lawyers helping in this battle for humanity. “

“I heard your call last week and was very impressed. I’d like to hear more of your events. The lawyers were especially good, and you organized it very well and kept things moving.”