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Resonance – Beings of Frequency

Director: James Russell

An eye opening and fascinating documentary that reveals harms mankind has been creating by submerging itself in an ocean of artificial frequencies. We have been filling the air and drowning out Earth’s natural resonance, which is essential to life. To the naked eye, the planet appears to be the same, but, at the cellular level, it is the biggest change that life on Earth has endured—the effects of which, on all living beings including humans and bees, we are just starting to see and feel.

Take Back Your Power

Director: Josh Del Sol

Award winning documentary investigates wireless based so-called “Smart” Utility Meters that have been forced on people’s homes without their knowledge. The movie uncovers shocking evidence corruption, incompetence and negligence by decision makers in government and utility companies who approve the meters. The meters cause privacy invasions, hacking vulnerability, increased utility bills, fires and, most alarming, they have caused an epidemic of sickness.

Microwaves Science and Lies

Director: Jean Heches

“By way of following those who launch alerts, citizens, journalists, scientists and electromagnetic hypersensitive people, this film reveals how the mobile phone strategists manipulate science to send out a reassuring message which casts doubts on the knowledge surrounding the harmfulness of this very technology.”