As part of  We Are The Evidence (WATE) continuing project to awaken communities across the country to wireless harms & 5G and to educate them on how to keep safer in a wireless world, this month Dafna Tachover Esq. MBAWATE’s Managing Director, will give lectures in California
The events are FREE as we do not want to condition access to this life saving information. However, we will appreciate Donations so we can continue our work. 
Following is the list of WATE’s upcoming public lectures ‘Wireless Radiation – Keeping Safer in a Wireless World’. Please share with people you know and on social media as the information provided in the lectures is live saving.
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May 12 – La Mesa, CA
When: Sunday, May 12, 3 pm 
Where: Chi Wellness
Address: 4700 Spring Street, Suite 201, La Mesa, CA
RSVP: As spots are limited, please RSVP by text/call to 619-368-6777

May 13 – LOCATION CHANGED to Laguna Niguel, CA (instead of Mission Viejo)
WhenMonday, May 13, 6:30 pm
Where: The Club at Rancho Niguel
Address:  24745 Rancho Niguel Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

May 16 – Santa Cruz, CA
WhenThursday, May 16, 6:30 pm 
Where: Resource Center for Nonviolence 
Address: 612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA
May 23 – Gualala, CA
When: Thursday, May 23, 5:30 pm
Where: Pacific Coast Yoga
Address: 39132 Ocean Dr. Suite 3, Gualala, CA
May 25 – San Diego, CA
When: Saturday, May 25, 1 pm
Where: City Heights/Weingart Library
Address: 3795 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA
What People Say About Our Lectures: 
I attended Dafna’s Lecture in NY. The information she shared was incredible. Everyone was blown away by her knowledge and her ability to make the information clear and understandable. It was, truly, the most important lecture I‘ve ever attended. As you know, I am a truth seeker and I am, always attending lectures! The information was invaluable. I really wish that everyone could have come to hear her. She is, truly, a remarkable woman who is passionate about bringing this information to the general population and she travels extensively doing so.” Marla

 Jaime and I saw her in Roscommon and she was excellent!  If you haven’t seen her presentation, and you live down in the Livonia area, you owe it to yourself to go see her. “ 

“I’ve been researching the history and health effects of EMF for almost 3 years now.  I’ve received training from The Building Biology Institute and have a practice testing and remediating EMF, and I still learned A LOT from Dafna Tachover’s presentation.  She presents her facts and case against 5G in the coherent and concise manner you would expect from an IT expert and attorney.  Attend her presentation to find out the story behind the Wireless industry and the health crisis on the horizon.”  Dave
 This Lady, is dong tireless work. I met her, she is the REAL Deal. Lynn

“I was absolutely elated to hear the facts as Dafna outlined them. Because of the insight I was blessed with last night I have a renewed interest to spread the word. Dafna’s info is that tool and catalyst that will allow people complete understanding and certainty, enabling them to express that certainty to their representatives,  and the willingness to inform others…” Mike 


“Loved your lecture.” Blessings, Glenda & Rob

Dr. Jack Jesse and I went to hear the wonderful, intelligent speaker, Dafna Tachover, discuss Wi-Fi radiation at Better Health tonight. I came away, so sad, because she verified what I already know. Your Wi-Fi gadgets are BAD for you…Elizabeth 
Dafna, you truly are a superstar and warrior, and I am infinitely honored to know you. You have changed the way my daughters perceive my personal situation and my current mission to bring awareness to this topic” Stephanie
HUGE Thanks for finding Dafna and having her visit us!!! So enlightening and so knowledgeable – with all the emotional and personal insights one gets in person! TERRIFIC!!!! And so beautifully committed to the cause of helping others. She is a gem!

” Trish
We thank all of those in California who helped organize the events in order to educate their communities. 
Look Forward to Seeing You!

A report by the European Parliament titled: 5G Deployment – State of Play in Europe, USA and Asia, published in April 2019, addresses  health concerns. 

The report states: 

“Significant concern is emerging over the possible impact on health and safety arising from potentially much higher exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation arising from 5G. Increased exposure may result not only from the use of much higher frequencies in 5G but also from the potential for the aggregation of different signals, their dynamic nature, and the complex interference effects that may result, especially in dense urban areas.

The 5G radio emission fields are quite different to those of previous generations because of their complex beamformed transmissions in both directions – from base station to handset and for the return. Although fields are highly focused by beams, they vary rapidly with time and movement and so are unpredictable, as the signal levels and patterns interact as a closed loop system. This has yet to be mapped reliably for real situations, outside the laboratory.

While the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) issues guidelines for limiting exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF), and EU member states are subject to Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC which follows ICNIRP guidelines, the problem is that currently it is not possible to accurately simulate or measure 5G emissions in the real world.”

This report is joined by other positive developments in Europe in regard to 5G including the announcement of the City of Brussels that it halts 5G deployment due to health concerns.  In Germany, the advocacy orgaanization Diagnose Funk was able to get over 54,000 signatures to its petition against 5G, exceeding the quorum required to force a hearing in Parliament. 

PRESS HERE to read more on Safer EMR page. 




In 2014, I wrote a sentiment “When Priests commit suicide” a year after the death of my German friend, pastor and Electro–Sensitivity advocate, Carsten Häublein. Carsten committed suicide by jumping into a freezing cold river, because he could no longer tolerate the pain of the “fire” 4G.  


I have posted this sentiment on Valentine’s day every year since on a day “love” is being celebrated, as his death is a reminder of the unloving nature of our society. 5 years have passed and his memory and the memory of the many others who committed suicide since because of becoming sick from wireless, have been with me every day of my work. This year I decided to add some comments. The comments are following the sentiment.



The Sentiment From 2014:

When Priests Commit Suicide – In the Loving Memory of Carsten Häublein

A year ago, on February 14th, a day dedicated to love, I got a heartbreaking message which reflects most the unloving nature of our society. I was informed that my friend, Carsten Häublein, a German priest who suffered from EHS for 10 years, could no longer take the pain of the ‘Fire’ 4G LTE, which burned inside his head, and he committed suicide. 


My sadness was profound and on that same day I wrote a post but I did not publish it. His death was too overwhelming and I needed more time to digest it and understand what it meant for me, what impact should it have on my life and what his death says about the world and society when priests commit suicide.


Carsten first contacted me 10 months before he committed suicide and we kept in touch and had long conversations, he even spoke Hebrew. He worked tirelessly to help hundreds of people who suffer from EHS while trying to survive himself and living in inhumane conditions in his car in the woods.



In one of our calls I tried to convince him to give an interview and he refused. He explained that he gave interviews in the past and as a result he and others who tried to fight local cell phone antennas were persecuted “the way the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis”. No German would have said these words lightly, especially not to a Jew, and living with EHS for 4 years, I agree that the comparison is inevitable and no Jew would have said it lightly either.


His exact day of death is unknown, sometime between 11th to the 14th of February, 2013.  He committed suicide by jumping into a freezing river. His body was found a few days later. He sat by the river for a few days prior to his death, and one day a person asked him if everything was OK. Why, when for 10 years he said that no, nothing is OK, didn’t anyone do something? Why now, when millions are screaming including children, is anyone still doing nothing?


This is what I wrote the day I heard about Carsten’s suicide: 


“I have been sitting all day staring at the computer, saying and thinking again and again “not Carsten…No”. I did not know what to do with myself. I feel sorrow that I cannot contain. It is evening now, and I just cannot smile, I cannot be consoled. I am deeply sad about Carsten but it hurts even more to comprehend the kind of world and society I live in. We learned nothing from the Holocaust. 


When mothers who are trying to protect their children are arrested and indicted for refusing the installation of wireless meters in their homes, instead of those who manufacture and distribute them, something is very wrong in society. When judges, doctors, engineers are forced to leave their homes, families and careers and become refugees in the woods in the freezing winter, something is very wrong in society. 


But when priests commit suicide, an act which is contradictory to the core of their being, then it means hope is completely lost and with it our most basic values as a humane society. 


Today I lost any shred of hope I had in humanity, because when priests commit suicide and cannot see light amidst all the darkness, there is no hope”. 


My last conversation with Carsten was difficult. I felt he were at the end of his rope. Following the conversation I contacted another German friend, but apparently no one could help, even in the woods he could not escape the tormenting 4G anymore.


Carsten asked that the poem Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen“ or “By Loving Forces Silently Surrounded”, be read in his funeral. The poem was written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor and a writer whofought the Nazis to protect the Jews and just like Carsten, his life is a testament of “commitment to justice on behalf of those who face implacable evil”. He was executed just before the war ended. Following is a partial translation of the poem[i]


By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered,
and confidently waiting, come what may,
we know that God is with us night and morning,
and never fails to greet us each new day.


Yet is this heart by its old foe tormented,
still evil days bring burdens hard to bear;
O give our frightened souls the sure salvation
for which, O Lord, you taught us to prepare.


And when this cup you give is filled to brimming,
with bitter sorrow, hard to understand,
we take it thankfully and without trembling,
out of so good and so beloved a hand.


Yet when again in this same world you give us
the joy we had, the brightness of your sun,
we shall remember all the days we lived through,
and our whole life shall then be yours alone.


Anna Frank wrote that “Despite it all, I believe that people are really good at heart”. I don’t. The end of Anna Frank’s story just as Carsten’s, is all the proof I need.


I signed my post last year with the word “Shattered”. I still am, every day, thinking about Carsten and the society that murdered him. 




5 Years Later – Valentine’s Day 2019


Five years passed since I wrote this post and six since Carsten died (murdered really). Unfortunately, our society is still unloving. Many more adults and at least one child have committed suicide since as a result of becoming sick with Electro-Sensitivity / Microwave Sickness. 


Suffering: Jenny Fry was found dead after apparently developing an allergy to Wi-FiIn 2015  Jenny Fry, a 15 year old from the UK could no longer tolerate the pain from the Wi-Fi in her school and the cruel indifference of the school personnel to her suffering and hung herself from a tree. 


I cannot imagine the horror of her mother when she found her. I learned that a social worker who was sent to the home told Jenny’s mother that Jenny has died because she (the mother) had put the unreasonable idea into Jenny’s head that Wi-Fi was harming her.   

In the past few years I have been contacted by so many on the verge of committing suicide including many teenagers. This is not surprising – the lives of those who have become sick from wireless are a living hell.


Those of us who are already sick from the wireless are experiencing the tormenting pain of wireless day and night. Escaping wireless and the pain is becoming increasingly impossible; we have to endure the ignorance of medical professionals; to endure the disregard of policy makers; to endure the refusal to accommodate our needs because of the cognitive dissonance of an addicted society.


For many the breaking point is the rejection of family members and friends. When people develop cancer they get sympathy and are cared for by their loved ones who go into great length to accommodate them. Sadly, many of us who have developed Microwave Sickness are not receiving such sympathy and care despite the debilitating nature of the condition and situation. Microwave Sickness is too uncomfortable for those around us. No wonder so many of us have contemplated committing suicide.


With 5G being deployed, the situation is becoming even more dire. There is really no home or even a place safe for us to be and sleep. The number of desperate calls I get from adults and children is rapidly growing. This drawing by a 10 y/o child whose life has been affected by his mother’s sickness from wireless, is a chilling but accurate portray of this living hell and desperation. 


Carsten death and the suffering of so many and especially of children, have been the wind beneath the wings of my work. Working in the ‘belly of the beast”, my personal pain from the wireless has been easier to handle than the pain from seeing  the unloving nature of humans.


When I was told that it will take many dead bodies to awaken society, I didn’t want to believe it. I wanted to believe that humans are smarter, that we learned from the past. Unfortunately, it seems that I was wrong. I ask myself how many more dead bodies will ​it ​take with wireless. ​
I am even more shattered today, 6 years later.



This drawing is disturbing, but sadly it is an accurate perception of the wireless world by a 10 y/o child from Illinois. His mother developed Microwave Sickness / Electro-Sensitvity, from exposure to wireless radiation.  She has been suffering disabling symptoms from exposure to wireless devices and infrastructure. Her suffering has been having a tremendous impact on him and on the family’s life. Unfortunately, he has been experiencing how societal addiction makes people, like those in his own family, reluctant to see what is so clearly in front of their eyes – the harms of wireless technology. Not only are the social implications featured in his drawing, but the devastating health effects and people’s complete disregard to the suffering of others.

I asked this brilliant child to describe to me the drawing and he wrote:  

“My mom and me drew this while Daddy was at work. We are dealing with all this radiation, just trying to go anywhere is painful for my mom. It makes me feel so sad that no one knows! No one knows about what is happening to them! We tell our family and friends but many of them don’t believe us. We’ve been to a lot of doctors and the only thing that works is when she gets away from the radiation. My wish for the world is that people wake up to what is being done to them, and realize that this is a known carcinogen.”



On February 6, for the first time health effects of 5G and wireless were mentioned in Senate Commerce Committee Meeting on 5G. The Senate Commerce Committee is the Committee entrusted in overseeing the FCC. 

I was there with less than a handful of us on July 14, 2016 when the FCC announced 5G. The same week we started our efforts to educate Congress about 5G and wireless health effects. Whenever a 5G meeting/hearing was held, we were trying to get the members of the Committee to ask even just one question about the health effects. Yesterday, February 6, two and a half years later, it finally happened.

I got a call an advocates who attended the Senate Commerce Committee meeting and he was excited to tell me that Senator Blumenthal made a comment about the health effects.

In the hearing titled Winning the Race to 5G and the Next Era of Technology Innovation in the United States Senator Blumenthal  asked, “are there any health implications? Are there any safety implications?” to the millions of the small cells that are likely to be located “close to homes, schools work places and closer and closer to the ground” . 

He mentioned  the letter that he had sent to the FCC in December, 2018 asking Commissioner Carr from the FCC to cite him the research on which the FCC relied upon to guarantee the public that 5G is safe. While we still do not have a copy of the FCC’s response, apparently according to Blumenthal, Commissioner Carr “Essentially has failed to do so” and said he referred him to the FDA. In regard to the FDA website Blumenthal said: “if you go to the FDA website, pretty unsatisfactory, there is basically a cursory and superficial citations” and mocked the statement on its website saying that the FDA encourages industry to conduct research and it was on cell phones not 5G. Then he said: “I believe the American people deserve to know what the health effects are.”

Blumenthal also said: “We are flying blind here on health and safety”. That is though inaccurate.  We know that the harms of non-thermal levels of RF/Microwave radiation are proven. We have more than ample scientific evidence and unfortunately also the Human Evidence which is in epidemic scale as the 5G Appeal states. We are flying blind but, to a definite greater disaster. 

To watch the video of the hearing PRESS HERE. Blumenthal starts at 2:04:00

To watch ONLY the part where Blumenthal Speaks, PRESS HERE

Since the FCC and the FDA didn’t provide answers he followed the FDA recommendation and asked industry – panelists “how much money has the industry provided for independent research on biological effects? Shouldn’t we scientifically ascertain the health effects? ” One of the panelists replied, “we rely on the expert agencies. There are no industry backed studies underway.  This new infrastructure is designed to be low powered, low interference.”    

So the FDA relies on industry and industry relies on the FDA…how long will this mockery of the American people will continue?

Senator Wicker (R-MISS) who is the new Chairman of the Committee (replaced Sen. Thune (R-SD)) summarized the hearing by mentioning the need to protect privacy but in response to Blumenthal’s comments on health Wicker read a quote from the National Cancer Institute, saying the research shows there is no consistent evidence that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation increases cancer risk. I wonder why he didn’t mention the Government’s own study, the NTP study the biggest and most expensive study on this issue which found CLEAR EVIDENCE of cancer and DNA damage. 

Interestingly, the FCC did not appear in front of the Committee only industry was there. It is unusual. Considering the bad media the FCC has been getting following the House Commerce Committee accusing the FCC of Colluding with Industry and considering the municipalities lawsuit could it be that the Senate Commerce Committee (or industry which likely was involved in arranging this hearing) thought the FCC presence will contaminate the efforts to push 5G? 

Now we will have to see who will be the next member of the Committee who will do the right thing and speak the truth

Additional Links:

Sen. Blumenthal Press Release

Sen. Bluementhal Letter to the FCC from Dec 3, 2018

FCC Commissioner Carr’s response letter to Sen. Blumenthal from Dec 17, 2018

A Full Transcript of Blumenthal’s Comeents:

Mr. Blumenthal:
Mr. Chairman, thank you for having this hearing. We’ve heard from a lot of witnesses, from you today and others previousy, about the very important potential of 5G technology. It promises to bring us a new era of connectivity with Internet speeds as much as five times faster than what we have today, with much lower latency. And that’s all a good thing, but 5G, as you well know, also uses higher frequency waves that don’t travel as far and will rely on a network of hundreds of thousands — potentially millions — of small cell sites. And the question then is: are there any health implications, any public safety implications, to those additional sites that are likely to be located close to homes, schools, workplaces, and closer and closer to the ground? Correct?
Mr. Gillen:
Correct, Senator. Yes.
Mr. Blumenthal:
So, in December of 2018, I sent a letter to FCC Commissioner Carr asking him to cite for me recent scientific studies demonstrating the safety of this technology: what research has been done, where has it been published and compiled. He has, (inaudible), failed to do so and just echoed the general statements of the FDA — which shares regulatory responsibility for cell phones with the FCC. If you go to the FDA website, pretty unsatisfactory. There basically is a cursory and superficial citation to existing scientific data saying, quote, “The FDA has urged the cell phone industry to take a number of steps, including support additional research on possible biological effects of radiofrequency fields for the type of signal emitted by cell phone.” I believe that Americans deserve to know what the health effects are, not to prejudge what scientific studies may show, and they deserve also a commitment to do the research on the outstanding question. So my question for… for you, particularly, Mr. Gillen, and Mr. Berry: how much money has the industry committed to supporting additional independent research? I stress independent research. Is that independent research ongoing? Has any been completed? Where can consumers look for it? And we’re talking about research on the biological effects of this new technology.
Mr. Gillen:
Thank you, Senator. And I thank you for your focus on the issue. Safety is paramount. And as you alluded to, we rely on the expert agencies, rely on the findings of the FDA and others, as to the requirements to keep all of us safe. There are no industry-backed studies, to my knowledge right now. I’m happy to visit with you as to what opportunities you think there needs to be more studies. And we’re always for more science. We also rely on what the scientists tell us.
Mr. Blumenthal:
So essentially, the answer to my question how much money: zero.
Mr. Gillen:
I can certainly follow up with you, Senator. To my knowledge there’s no active studies being backed by industry today.
Mr. Blumenthal:
Anybody else know of industry commitments to back research, fund it, support it, to ascertain, scientifically, the health effects?
Mr. Berry:
Senator, I’m not aware either. But I do know that with small cells, especially, you’re going to have lower power levels. And of course, as from a carrier perspective you want to be able to manage interference so that that interference is the lowest interference possible. So I would… I would think that some of those studies, or some of that information, could be utilized in… in looking at the health consequences. But no, I’m not aware of any….
Mr. Blumenthal:
So there really is no research ongoing. We’re kind of flying blind here — so far as health and safety is concerned. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


Dafna Tachover



In December 2018, the Spanish High Court ratified a court decision determining that the adverse health effects suffered by an employee of the Spanish telecom company Endesa, were caused by his exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation in his workplace.  

Joaquín Sanz, a senior technician, is the first worker to obtain a judgment in Spain that classifies Electro-Sensitivity as an occupational injury.

The judge determined that the symptoms experienced by Mr. Sanz are a result of central nervous system and limbic system dysfunction caused by his exposure to the high and low electromagnetic frequencies to which he was exposed in his workplace, including exposure to Wi-Fi and cell towers.   

The court determined that Mr. Sanz’s symptoms, which began in 2009, including headaches, tinnitus, muscle pain, asthenia and lack of concentration, were caused by and manifested when he was exposed to electromagnetic fields and radiation in his workplace. The court recognized that his sickness was caused by levels of exposures which are considered “safe”. Clearly they are not.

This is not the first court decision in Spain that recognized Electro-Sensitivity/Microwave Sickness, but it is the first that recognizes it as an occupational injury. 

In 2016, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid determined that telecommunications engineer Ricardo de Francisco was suffering from Electro-Sensitivity and as a result unable to work. The other electrosensitivity case recognized by the Spanish Courts involved a Professor at the University of Murcia. 

Press Here to read an article in Spanish about the ruling (the automatic translation works well).  

Press Here for the Court’s Ruling in Spanish

Press Here to read about the decision from Stop UMTS.

A new court decision from France, from Sept 27, 2018, recognizes EHS and its correlation to EMFs ( I don’t like the name EHS and prefer to call it Microwave Sickness -the older and more accurate name). Glad to see another judge who has shown commitment to common sense and truth. The French Social Security Court recognized electromagnetic intolerance as a work-related handicap. 
A reminder, in 2016 another French court awarded disability payments for a woman who the court acknowledged to be suffering from “Allergy to W-Fi”
Unfortunately courts have been failing especially on the wireless issue however, this decision and a few others keep me still hoping that courts may be of help nevertheless. That some judges are left with common sense and who are brave enough to see the truth and act upon it.  
My feelings remind of a quote from the movie Philadelphia when Andrew Beckett, who was an attorney says  It’s that every now and again – not often, but occasionally – you get to be a part of justice being done. That really is quite a thrill when that happens” This is the quote I put on my law school’s notebooks. 
Summary of the French Case
The Plaintiff, a technical assistant in the service department  was diagnosed with EHS. The company’s doctor asked twice – once in 2011 and once in 2012 to allow him to work in a low EMF environment. But the employer didn’t accommodate him. 
 In Nov. 2013 a meeting took place in the office and many wireless devices were used – cell phones and tablets. The P didn’t feel well, his heart rate increased, he was dizzy fell and got injured. 
He claimed that the cause for the symptoms and therefore the injury was the EMFs. 
The insurance company refused to pay him claiming there was no casual link between the EMFs and the fall. 
He appealed the decision. The court appointed a medical examiner, a neurosurgeon who claimed that there is no causal relationship and that the cause of the fall is psychiatric – the Ps anxiety of EMFs ie, not the EMFs themselves. 
The court was not convinced by the report of the medical examiner and asked for another expert to be appointed.  Dr. Pons – senior lecturer in cervicomaxillo-facial surgery at the university was appointed. 
Dr. Pons, the second medical examiner determined that there was no external cause to the accident and that the casual link between the exposure to the EMFs and the accident should not be excluded.  He said that even if it is not possible to scientifically prove it, because the P was already recognized as suffering from EHS by the doctor in 2011, the accident could have been caused by his exposure to the EMFs. 
The court rejected the suggestion that the P suffers from a psychiatric condition – anxiety because he just believe that EMFs are harmful. The court said no other external cause can explain the symptoms and the fall and that a causal relationship between his EMF exposure and the accident is possible especially as he was diagnosed with EHS and was forced to continue and work in an unsuitable environment. 
The decision is important for the following reasons:
1) Just like in the US, in France EHS/Microwave Sickness is not an officially recognized medical diagnosis. Nevertheless, doctors DO diagnose patients with it and the courts are acknowledging the diagnosis. 
2) Just like in the US – the court in France did conclude in the past that EHS is real and can be caused by exposure to non-thermal EMFs 
3) The court rejected the court’s appointed medical examiner opinion. The medical examiner didn’t accept the doctor’s diagnosis of EHS and claimed that P doesn’t suffer from EHS but from a psychiatric problem of being afraid of EMFs which leads to an anxiety. The court rejected the medical examiner report, appointed another expert and accepted the diagnosis of the doctor of EHS.
Hi All,
NATOA Webminar on Oct 10 – FCC Actions’s Impact on Municipalities

Following is the Newsletter of NATOA – the Nationally Recognized Local Government Association. They discuss the impact of the FCC Sept 26 vote to limit the power of local municipalities to regulate 5G.  As a result, NATOA will hold a Webminar on Oct. 10 A Review of the FCC’s Actions to Preempt Local Authority”. Those who are actively fighting 5G on the local level, may want to register to the Webminar to learn and understand the issue faced by municipalities, their point of view and to use this information to find common grounds to collaborate.

Additional 2 pages from their website that may be of interest: Their (1) FCC Page & (2) NATOA HILL Page
The FCC Proposed Action
The rulemaking is scheduled to be voted on Sept 26. Since the FCC vote is a sham the rulemaking is likely to pass.
The rulemaking “would implement a federal law to blocks municipal rules that would prohibit deployment of wireless service, and would only allow municipalities to charge fees on small cell deployments limited to covering the municipality’s costs. The plan would also require approval or disapproval of applications to attach small cells to existing structures within 60 days and to applications to build new poles within 90 days, and places “modest guardrails” on rules like aesthetic reviews that may slow down service.” Press HERE for an article that summarizes the essentials of the FCC’s Sept. 26 rulemaking.
The rulemaking is supposed to save the industry about 2$ billion…A few days ago a good article was published that critisizes the FCC rulemaking  FCC’s 5G masterstroke little more than big biz cash giveaway and says correctly that this action by the FCC will expand not narrow the digital divide..Clearly the FCC actions are not well thought of no matter how one looks at them and clearly do not aim to act in the best interest of public. The FCC actions seem to be in the service of industry only not surprising though as it is a Captured Agency. 
A reminder – a few months ago, a mayor who was sitting on an FCC committee on Broadband deployment resigned saying that the FCC is controlled by the industry. 
I think the FCC’s actions may qualify as racketeering under RICO.
Letter of NATOA & Other Municipal Organizations to FCC
On Sept. 19th NATOA with the National League of Cities and the National Association of Cities, submitted a letter to the FCC objecting the FCC Rulmaking  to remove “barriers” to wireless deployment and investment (WT Docket 17-79 & WC Docket 17-84).
Conference of Mayors Announced It Will Sue FCC Over Legislation
The US Conference of Mayors published a statement on Sept. 10 announcing that if the FCC will pass the legislation to it will sue the FCC.
They said in their statement:
“The U.S. Conference of Mayors strongly opposes recent proposals by the Federal Communications Commission to grant communications service providers subsidized access to local public property and to dictate how local governments manage their own local rights-of-ways and public property.”
They mention concern over safety issues:
“This unprecedented federal intrusion into local (and state) government property rights will have substantial adverse impacts on cities and their taxpayers, including reduced funding for essential local government services, as well as an increased risk of right-of-way and other public safety hazards.”
They clearly stated that unless the FCC will change its policy they will sue the FCC:
“The Conference of Mayors strongly opposes these proposals and calls on the agency to change them; absent such changes, the Conference and its members will seek relief in federal court to overturn this unprecedented overreach by the FCC.”
Thank you, 
natoa logo
Register today for this free eNATOA:
Double Whammy: A Review of the FCC’s Actions to Preempt Local Authority
Wednesday, October 10, 3:00 PM Eastern
Registration closes as soon as capacity is reached so reserve your spot today.

eNATOA sessions are held on a Monday, last one hour and are offered at 2:00 pm eastern. 


The cost for each seminar is $45 for members, $90 for non-members.

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Wednesday, October 10, 3:00 PM Eastern
Double Whammy: A Review of the FCC’s Actions 

to Preempt Local Authority 

On September 26th, the FCC is scheduled to vote on two items that will significantly limit local governments’ control

over their rights of way and municipal property, impact local budgets, and target local PEG channels.
The proposed Declaratory Ruling and Third Report and Order, aimed at small wireless facility deployments, will impose caps on permits fees, right of way use fees and municipal attachment fees, set arbitrary “shot clocks” for approving small wireless deployments (including negotiating right of way franchises or licenses) and restrict local control over the aesthetics of these deployments.
The Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, which relates to cable franchising, proposes new rules that would allow cable operators to deduct from their franchise fee payments almost any cable-related franchise requirement, including PEG channel capacity, and limit local authority over cable operators’ non-cable services.
Join us to learn about the impacts of these dual assaults on local authority and next steps for local governments.
Non-members that register will receive a special code for half price membership rates for 2019 following the webinar!
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October 15th
The Impact of Video Streaming on Cable Franchising
Press reports abound regarding cable subscribers “cutting the cord” and opting for video streaming services. What are the consequences for local governments? Our panelists will discuss the impact on franchise revenues and what the options are for replacing revenue losses.  They will address the consequences for PEG channels and I-Nets, and will focus on how franchising authority may still be used to advance policy objectives for local governments. Don’t miss this in-depth look at the future of cable franchising.
November 13th – TUESDAY
High Quality, Low Budget Productions
Money doesn’t always talk. While having a large budget is helpful when producing programming, having the right talent and a penchant for creative thinking can go a long way. We’ve invited some award-winning channels to share with you how they compete with the big guys and refuse to let their small budget hold them back.
December 10th
The Courts, The Hill and The FCC – A Year in Review and Setting the Stage for 2019

Our panel of experts will assess how 2018 affected policy and practice on key communications issues and will provide their views of what may be coming in 2019 – and how local governments can prepare.