Children and adults who committed suicide

/Children and adults who committed suicide

Being “allergic” to wireless in a wireless world can be a living hell. Those people who suffer from extreme ES are unable to be or live anywhere near wireless radiation sources, suffering intolerable physical agony from them. Unfortunately, there is also a cruel campaign — led by interested parties — to deny the harmful effects of this radiation. These vested interests suggest that ES is a psychological phenomenon. This cascades into ridicule by an uninformed populace and leads to isolation and the violation of basic human and civil rights of ES sufferers. Consequently, many lose hope and some commit suicide.

Reverend Carsten Haublein committed suicide after a decade of suffering from ES and being forced to live in the woods. With the introduction of 4G, even in the woods he could not escape the radiation. He jumped into a freezing river.

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Jenny Fry committed suicide at 15 years of age by hanging herself from a tree. She suffered abuse from the school because of her ES and her body's inability to tolerate Wi-Fi. Press here for the Story