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/Children Testimonials

The deployment of Wi-Fi in schools has created an epidemic of electrosensitivity in schoolchildren. ES is not the only health hazard for children, though it is the quickest to manifest. Exposure to intense Wi-Fi also causes DNA damage, affects children’s reproductive systems, and causes ADHD.  Other long-term adverse effects have been noted. WATE knows of schools in which numerous children from a single class developed ES once Wi-Fi was installed, and with it the use of tablets and other wireless technology. 

Suffering from ES is a living nightmare for these children, who are being disregarded and mocked by school personnel and other students. These sick children are being forced out of their schools and their problems are denied by the school authorities. These children cannot go to their friends’ homes or anywhere there is Wi-Fi or other wireless devices. Even in their homes, they suffer from radiation coming from their neighbors, nearby cell towers and wireless “smart” meters. They are becoming outcast by society and some contemplate committing suicide.

Jaden Jeske, 12, and Evan Jeske, 14, are brothers who developed ES. Evan's school is not willing to accommodate his ES.

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