WATE aims to expose the suppressed epidemic of sickness, suffering and human rights crises created by wireless technology radiation; elevate the voice of the injured; defend and secure their rights; and compel society and governments to take corrective actions and inform the public of the harm. We work through education, lobbying and legal action.


WATE faces immense challenges. We work to protect a population that cannot function in a wireless world and can do little to advocate for their own rights or financially support our efforts. On the other side are powerful industries and interests that continue working to keep the public misinformed. We need your help. There are many ways you can help us create change. Help us help you and others. Get involved.


Financial support is pivotal to WATE’s ability to create change. We represent many people who cannot work or support our work financially and the other side is composed of megacorporations and their moneyed allies. If you cannot offer WATE financial support, perhaps you can donate your services instead. Help us help you and others: please donate.