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//Hawaii Pastor Stops a Cell Tower Near a Church and a Pre-School
July 2, 2020

Hawaii Pastor Stops a Cell Tower Near a Church and a Pre-School

Kihei Baptist Chapel, in collaboration with Verizon, had applied for a special use permit to build a 50-foot cell tower  in a residential area in Maui, Hawaii. The cell tower was planned to be erected near the church which has pre-school on its property. They planned to hide it as a pine tree. Pastor Jay Amstrong and Debra Green have led a campaign against the planned cell tower and as the advocates wrote: “thankfully sanity prevailed.” On June 30, 2020 the mayor sent an email that the application was denied. 


Please say “Thank You” to the Pastor for doing the right thing: Email your words of gratitude to: Pastor Jay Armstrong jayarmstrong@hawaii.rr.com, or Call the Church and leave a message of appreciation: 808-875-2112


This is the email that was sent from the Mayor’s Office:

From: Mayors Office <Mayors.Office@co.maui.hi.us>
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 8:42 AM



Verizon and the Kihei Baptist Church have withdrawn their application for a permit in this matter.

Thank you,

Brian Perry
Director of Communications
Office of the Mayor