Our Team

Jeanine Susan Deal, MI

Jeanine became involved in advocating for the safe use of technology after becoming ill from cell phones and “Smart” Meters (microwave transmitting utility meters).  She is now dedicating her time to educating the public regarding wireless radiation health effects and creating change. She is also the head of Michigan For Safe Technology. She brings to We Are The Evidence years of experience with communication and organization.  A mother and a grandmother, Jeanine grew up in the city of Chicago, and studied psychology, and neuromuscular re-education techniques.

Jeanine developed Microwave Sickness in 2013. She was experiencing burning pain when she put a cell phone to her head. She had no idea what Electro-Sensitivity or Microwave Sickness was until 2015. It was then she began researching what was happening to her, and why “smart” meters were making her so very sick.

Lisa Swarbrick, NJ

Born and raised in Canada before moving to NJ, Lisa has an enterprising spirit that has seen her enjoy work as a film sound editor, once nominated for a 1998 Hot Doc Film Festival award; as a stage hand and sound engineer who worked with notables such as The Allman Brothers, Peter Frampton, Levon Helm and more. She is currently a Personal Trainer and Myofascial Movement Specialist with a special certificate from a Canadian European style Osteopathy School with training in functional medicine, functional neurology and a big referral network for client’s health.

Lisa is also a musician, artist and writer who suffers from Electro-Sensitivity with an interest in educating people about practicing safe technology and wireless hygiene! Moving out into the country to an EMF free house stopped a nebulous cascade of shocking neurological, neuromuscular and autoimmune conditions. Lisa feels better living with less EMF! She is happy to be on board with We Are The Evidence to awaken everyone about how wireless technology is undermining their health.

Hillary Westerhuis, NE

Hillary Westerhuis has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and worked for the University system in South Dakota for over 10 years. Currently, she is a homeschooling mom to three exceptional kiddos, and she is expecting her fourth child . She is proudly married to a Veteran who is a neurology medical resident. She is an advocate for government transparency. Her jump down the rabbit hole of the wireless issue began three years ago in Michigan when the electric company wanted to place a wireless smart meter on her home She developed Microwave Sickness and since then has been working tirelessly to educate the public and her city, state, and federal officials about the dangers of wireless technology radiation, including 5G.

One of the reasons she has home schooled her children is because of the school district’s lack of understanding about the health effects of wireless radiation and unwillingness to limit exposure for children. Hillary is We Are The Evidence’s representative in Nebraska.

Michele Hertz, NY

Michele is an artist, jeweler, and illustrator and now an expert on “Smart” meters after developing Microwave Sickness / Electro-Sensitivity after a “Smart” meter was installed on her home. As a result, she has become an avid advocate on the issue and she is the Founder and President of Stop Smart Meters NY and the non-profit New York Safe Utility Meter Association.

Michele was fine until 2008. She had just finished the illustrations for the book “Designing Gardens with Flora of the American East,” when suddenly she developed inexplicable and debilitating health problems. Within a year things got worse. She was suffering from severe heart palpitations, dizziness, horrible ear buzzing, and insomnia. Neither Michele or her doctor of many years, knew what was wrong. She became suspicious that something was wrong in her house, perhaps with the electricity because she felt better outside.

In early 2010, she contacted a friend, an electrical expert who teaches electricians, for his opinion. He asked me if the utility company had installed an transmitting AMR meter. He said that something was very wrong with these meters and that a house had recently burned down in Irvington NY, after a storm and a power surge, caused by the AMR meter. He told her to call the utility and insist that it exchange the AMR meter for an analog meter.

At that time, she knew nothing about this but I was sort of aware that the utility had installed a new meter. Following his instructions she was able to get the analog meter returned but not until after the utility also tried a so-called “non-transmitting” electronic meter on her house. They promised her that this meter had no Microwave radiation. That meter made her sick as well.

Although at that time, it was hard for her to believe that a utility meter could make her sick; she trusted the advice she got and once the meter was replaced she has gotten better. Once the analog meter was reinstalled, her health almost returned to normal although to this day over-exposure to wireless and electrical radiation makes her sick. Michele says: “I’ve been researching this since 2010. The facts about smart meters are based in science, including biology and physics. The lies are based in profit.”

Catherine Kleiber

Catherine Kleiber, WI

Catherine Kleiber has a background in zoology and molecular biology.  She is an independent researcher and author and Webmaster of www.electricalpollution.com.  She has been raising awareness and educating about Microwave Sickness since 2001 when she realized that her health problems, previously diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome, were actually caused by environmental radiofrequency (RF) exposure.  Since then she has worked to raise awareness about the very serious adverse health effects that RF exposure is already having for many people, as well as steps people can take to minimize their RF exposure, resulting in improved health for most people.   She is also working to raise awareness about the serious environmental damage being caused by radiation from wireless technology, as well as its considerable energy consumption.

Her website, www.ElectricalPollution.com, grassroots public education and advocacy, provides information about the biological effects of exposure to radio frequencies, including radio frequency sickness, its causes, and solutions. Catherine is the We Are The Evidence representative in Wisconsin.

Kathryn Stauffer

Kathryn Stauffer, WV

Kathryn is from Illinois, where she was a musician and a music teacher. As a result of developing Microwave Sickness from wireless radiation, she moved to Green Bank, WV. Green Bank is the only place in the US where cell towers are banned because of the Federal Government Observatory.

Many other people with Microwave Injury, (Electro-Sensitivity) have also moved to Green Bank, WV. Everyone leaving there has a heartbreaking story to tell.  Kathryn is instrumental in the efforts to develop a sense of community among the wireless refugees who are coming to live there. She initiated a Facebook Group Page called “Radio Quiet Zone, Green Bank.”.

Kathryn writes: “In my lifetime I have spent time as a musician and music teacher. I have had fun hobbies and enjoyed my family and friends.  I have especially loved time with nature. Like everyone I have had good times in my life and I have had bad times in my life, but nothing prepared me for Microwave Sickness (Electro-Sensitivity).  It takes everything from you.

At almost 60 years of age, like so many, she was forced out of her home by ever encroaching wireless that invaded her home in Illinois. For ten months she lived in a temporary location in the country while she researched trying to figure out what she was going to do.  After looking into several different locations and spending a lot of money she finally decided on Green Bank, West Virginia.

The decision to move to WV was very hard for her. She left her boyfriend, her elderly mother, family, and many friends. She was forced to leave a 30 year life just like that!  But she felt she had no choice. She could no longer live in the wireless “real world.” She says that “although the drastic change had to take place, it is done, and I am settled.  I live in a beautiful place that for now has much less RF over all. I can enjoy nature once again, and I can sleep once again.”

Rachel Cara, Michigan Outreach Director

Rachel Cara, Michigan Outreach Director

Having grown up in a rural area, Rachel longed for lively city life after college. She had long been drawn to southern California though first took jobs in Chicago, Florida, and Arizona before settling back in LA where she first pursued work in the entertainment industry during school. She gradually gravitated into the health industry which became her true passion. Having struggled with health issues (autoimmune/allergy related) since childhood, she found living and eating healthy greatly improved how she felt. Sharing a healthy lifestyle soon became her mission.

Though her health was much improved by living out the healthy SoCal lifestyle and working as a nutritional consultant and then product educator, Rachel continued to experience issues that were clearly worse in certain settings. She suspected living with WIFI, 24/7, having read a health study, but it seemed unavoidable. It wasn’t until her once beloved cell phones became painful to touch (intense nerve pain), occurring right after Smart Meters were installed outside her home as it turned out.


Several months of researching EMFs and visiting doctors in her free time, it was confirmed that the main triggers were WIFI, cell phones, tablets, and smart meters. This was the missing link in her health mystery.

Along with eliminating these, Rachel dramatically slowed down her jet-setting lifestyle, that had included visiting 48 states and much of Europe. Travel had been a way of life, first for leisure and then for work, spending 60% of her time on the road. Rachel now lives back in her home state of Michigan, having come full circle. When not educating on health and nutrition for Pines, the original wheat grass company, via phone and web (Ethernet, of course), Rachel enjoys cycling, hiking, kayaking, XC skiing, and just being out in nature. She is passionate about sharing tips for healthy living and advocating for wireless safety.



Aliaa Gaber Soliman, VA

Aliaa G. Soliman is a mother to three beautiful children and the founder of Itav Wings Community. In the wireless world, she began to develop neurological symptoms from wireless devices and developed Microwave Sickness (Electro-Sensitivity) at the age of 21. At first her headaches drove her to the emergency room but with no answer. As time went on, her symptoms progressed to heart palpitations, insomnia, finger numbness, tremors, vertigo, blacking out, and ear pressure that hardly went away. As the case with many other ES sufferers, her physician was unable to properly diagnose her symptoms. In 2014, she met with Desiree Jaworski, director for the Center for Safer Wireless and was advised about safer handling of wireless devices. Her life has then improved drastically. Living with ES is difficult, but not knowing for a long while what was causing her symptoms was even more problematic. Thus, the commencement of Aliaa’s journey of wireless safety advocacy starting from friends and family and all the way to the FCC. Aliaa is We Are The Evidence representative in VA.

Scientific & Medical Advisory Board

David Carpenter, MD

Director, Institute for Health and the Environment

University of Albany, NY

Professor David Carpenter, MD is a world renowned public health expert, including the issue of electromagnetic fields and wireless radiation. He is currently the Director of the Institute for Health and Environment, in the University of Albany, a collaborating center for the World Health Organization. He is also a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences within the School of Public Health at the University at Albany.

Previously, he was Chairman of the Neurobiology Department of Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute at the Defense Nuclear Agency in Washington, DC.  He was also the Director of Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research of the New York State Department of Health, the third largest public health laboratory in the US after NIH and CDC.

He holds several research positions including at the National Institutes of Mental Health. Dr. Carpenter’s research initially was basic neurobiology, and more recently has primarily been the study of human disease resulting from exposure to environmental contaminants including non-ionizing radiation.

Dr Carpenter is a Harvard trained physician and researcher.  He is author of more than 350 scientific papers ; has edited five books; and he is the Editor in Chief of two scientific journals .

Prof. Carpenter’s work on Non-Ionizing radiation started when he arrived in Albany in 1980 as the Director of the Wadsworth Laboratories of the New York State Department of Health, he was given the responsibility of administering a program to determine whether there were adverse human health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), initiated because of concern of hazards from high voltage powerlines.  A 5 million dollar research program was begun, and when finished in 1987 the program concluded that while there were effects of EMFs on many organ systems, a particular concern was an increased incidence of leukemia in children living in home with elevated magnetic fields. After that time Dr. Carpenter became for the spokesperson for New York State on issues related to EMFs. He has continued to evaluate research in this area, and has edited two books and written several review articles on the subject.  He testified before the President’s Cancer Panel in 2009 on human health effects of both power line and radiofrequency EMFs from a variety of sources, particularly from cell phones. He is the Co-Editor of the Bioinitiative Report (www.bioinitiative.org), published first in 2007 and revised in 2012.  This is a comprehensive review of the effects of EMFs.

Paul Heroux, PhD

Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism

McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Professor Paul Heroux, PhD Professor Heroux is a toxicologist who has a PhD in Physics and began his career working for the industry on health effects from electromagnetic fields and radiation.  When he realized there are adverse health effects, he decided to leave the industry and expand his medical qualifications and now Professor Heroux teaches courses on EMFs adverse health effects at McGill University. He has conducted research on the effects of EMFs, authored several text books and he can attest to how the industry has mislead the public and hides health effects.

Mary Louise Wagner, Pharm.D.,MS

Associate Professor of Pharmacy

Rutgers University, NJ

Prof. Mary Wagner obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of California in San Francisco and a Master’s degree in pharmacotherapy research at the University of Minnesota where she also completed an Epilepsy fellowship. She completed a general pharmacy residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson and a specialized ambulatory care residency at the University of Texas, in San Antonio. She joined the School of Pharmacy faculty at Rutgers in 1990.

Professor Mary Wagner specializes in ADHD, Alzheimer’s, headaches, Parkinson’s, seizures and sleep disorders. Because of her specialty and interest in neurology, she has become particularly interested in the association between these conditions and wireless technology radiation and she is interested in minimizing the neurological complications related to exposure to this radiation.

Her teaching activities encompass lectures on neurology-related and the

precepting of students at the Rutgers Community Health Center and pharmacy residents in the neurology clinic at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. She is the adviser for the Clinical Pharmacy Honor’s Research program.

Prof. Wagner and her students work with health care providers to evaluate and monitor patient care therapy. They review patient medication lists and medical history, and provide medication therapy management.

Her current research involves documenting the value of pharmacists in Federally Qualified Health Centers to facilitate Medicaid reimbursement for their services. She is also working with the State of New Jersey to validate their Project Healthy Bones program.

She has received significant grant funding and completed multiple clinical research projects producing over 60 manuscripts and 20 chapters in pharmacy text books.

Gerd Oberfeld, MD

Public Health Department of the Salzburg Government, Austria

Head of the EMF-Working Group of the European Academy for Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM)

Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, has been working with the Public Health Department of the Salzburg Regional Government in Austria since 1992. He is responsible for health impact assessments and prevention in the field of environmental agents and stressors like air pollution, noise, non-ionizing-radiation, ionizing radiation, drinking and bathing water quality.

Dr. Oberfeld holds a master degree for general medicine (MD) from the University of Vienna.

He was Project Leader and Co-Leader for epidemiological studies for asthma and allergies (e.g. ISAAC Salzburg 1995 & 1996) and Project Leader of the public health project called “Asthma Project for Children & Teenagers in Salzburg”.

Dr. Oberfeld was Expert for the WHO project “Road Traffic Related Air pollution”, prepared for the Ministerial Conference on Environment & Health, London 1999.

From 1994 to 2014 he was adviser and speaker for Environmental Medicine of the Austrian Medical Association and Scientific Director of the postgraduate course in Environmental Medicine. Dr. Oberfeld was Scientific Adviser of the Government of Southern Tyrol (Italy) for the implementation of the postgraduate course in Environmental Medicine 2005/2006.

He organized the “International Conference for Cell Tower Siting – Linking Science & Public Health, Salzburg 7-8 June 2000”.

He was member of the EMF Stakeholders Dialogue Group of the European Commission and member of the EMF-Working Group at the Austrian Ministry of Health.

Dr. Oberfeld is head of the EMF-Working Group of the European Academy for Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM) and corresponding author of the EUROPAEM EMF-Guideline 2016.

Sharon Goldberg, MD

Integrative & Functional Medicine Physician

Sharon Goldberg is an Integrative/Functional Medicine physician in private practice. Her background includes fifteen years as an academic Hospital Medicine physician and clinician educator who helped train hundreds of medical students and resident physicians. She was an Assistant Professor at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital; Albert Einstein College of Medicine and at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, and has advanced training in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from the Gorgas Memorial Institute in Lima, Peru. Her clinical and research interests include dietary, lifestyle and environmental modifications in the setting of complex chronic disease. Dr. Goldberg has clinical expertise in environmental intolerance including Microwave Sickness (Electro-Sensitivity).