School Personnel Testimonials

/School Personnel Testimonials

WATE has made contact with many school personnel who developed ES following the massive deployment of Wi-Fi in schools. Because of potential legal implications and the disturbance this sickness is having on institutional plans, schools and school boards have been retaliating against staff who have developed ES. Many ES victims have been forced to retire or have been fired.

Eldon DiFederico, a mathematics and computers teacher, became ES after Wi-Fi was installed in his school. He was forced to take sick leave after the school refused to accommodate his ES. His case at the Human Rights Commission in Ontario is ongoing. Press here for the Story

Maria Platt, a teacher who was forced to retire because of her ES.

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Shelley McDonald, a math teacher from Rhode Island, was fired because of her ES and for warning about Wi-Fi harms. Press here for the Story

Dr Marie-Therese Gibson, a school principal, resigned after developing ES from the Wi-Fi installed in her school. Press here for the Story