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Each person harmed by wireless technology is evidence that wireless technology is harmful. WATE’s ability to compel action on the epidemic of electrosensitivity depends on our capacity to prove it. The evidence is the people who have become sick by wireless technology.

If you have become injured by wireless technology radiation, help us to help you fight for your rights by sharing your “I Am The Evidence” story with us: YOU ARE THE EVIDENCE that wireless technology is harmful.

Personal stories are the most important tool for advocacy to awaken society to the hidden tragedies. Your story will help us confront society with the suffering this technology is creating, the lives it is destroying, and the basic human rights it is violating. For those with privacy concerns, WATE provides options as to how and where your “I Am The Evidence” story will be shared. Fill out the “I Am The Evidence” form to share your story and help us help you.

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