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//Spanish High Court Recognized Telecom Worker’s Electro-Sensitivity As An Occupational Injury
February 6, 2019

Spanish High Court Recognized Telecom Worker’s Electro-Sensitivity As An Occupational Injury

In December 2018, the Spanish High Court ratified a court decision determining that the adverse health effects suffered by an employee of the Spanish telecom company Endesa, were caused by his exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation in his workplace.  

Joaquín Sanz, a senior technician, is the first worker to obtain a judgment in Spain that classifies Electro-Sensitivity as an occupational injury.

The judge determined that the symptoms experienced by Mr. Sanz are a result of central nervous system and limbic system dysfunction caused by his exposure to the high and low electromagnetic frequencies to which he was exposed in his workplace, including exposure to Wi-Fi and cell towers.   

The court determined that Mr. Sanz’s symptoms, which began in 2009, including headaches, tinnitus, muscle pain, asthenia and lack of concentration, were caused by and manifested when he was exposed to electromagnetic fields and radiation in his workplace. The court recognized that his sickness was caused by levels of exposures which are considered “safe”. Clearly they are not.

This is not the first court decision in Spain that recognized Electro-Sensitivity/Microwave Sickness, but it is the first that recognizes it as an occupational injury. 

In 2016, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid determined that telecommunications engineer Ricardo de Francisco was suffering from Electro-Sensitivity and as a result unable to work. The other electrosensitivity case recognized by the Spanish Courts involved a Professor at the University of Murcia. 

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