In the past year We Are The Evidence has been working around the country to increase awareness in communities and among our effective officials to the science and the human evidence of harm from wireless technology radiation and on the 5G grid to induce action. These included lecturing in communities, participating in expert panels, making presentations to senior public elected officials in the states and on the federal levels and lobbying efforts against 5G legislation.

Types of Events

  •  Giving Lectures in Your Local Community 

  • Making a presentation to your elected officials  – State Government officials. school boards, city councils etc.

  • Lobbying in your State – Meeting with your legislators on 5G, Smart Meters or Wi-Fi in Schools.

  • Q&A Session Following Movie Screening – Following movies on this issue the audience has questions and we will be happy to participate in screening and answering the questions.

Invite Us For Speaking Engagements

Previous Events

“Dafna, you truly are a superstar and warrior, and I am infinitely honored to know you. You have changed the way my daughters perceive my personal situation and my current mission to bring awareness to this topic, and more critically, to halt this crime against all of humanity and nature ”
Stephanie, Mother who suffers from Microwave Sickness who helped organize a lecture in her community
“ You delivered a powerful and impassioned presentation and it seem to flow effortlessly…The fact that we were there for 4 hours shows how effective the information was getting across. I like that you are tough and do not back down and proceed ever so tactfully! You place the suffering of all of those that you have heard from right up close and personal so that they too can understand because they would never know otherwise…I appreciate you very much and what you are doing for our people here in the U.S.”

Microwave Sickness Sufferer