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//A Drawing – 10 y/o Child’s Impression Of The Wireless World – Zombies & Sickness
February 9, 2019

A Drawing – 10 y/o Child’s Impression Of The Wireless World – Zombies & Sickness


This drawing is disturbing, but sadly it is an accurate perception of the wireless world by a 10 y/o child from Illinois. His mother developed Microwave Sickness / Electro-Sensitvity, from exposure to wireless radiation.  She has been suffering disabling symptoms from exposure to wireless devices and infrastructure. Her suffering has been having a tremendous impact on him and on the family’s life. Unfortunately, he has been experiencing how societal addiction makes people, like those in his own family, reluctant to see what is so clearly in front of their eyes – the harms of wireless technology. Not only are the social implications featured in his drawing, but the devastating health effects and people’s complete disregard to the suffering of others.

I asked this brilliant child to describe to me the drawing and he wrote:  

“My mom and me drew this while Daddy was at work. We are dealing with all this radiation, just trying to go anywhere is painful for my mom. It makes me feel so sad that no one knows! No one knows about what is happening to them! We tell our family and friends but many of them don’t believe us. We’ve been to a lot of doctors and the only thing that works is when she gets away from the radiation. My wish for the world is that people wake up to what is being done to them, and realize that this is a known carcinogen.”